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Slipware Floral Oval Plate – White Flower

HK$ 360.00

(简体中文) 椭圆碟适合盛载配菜,水果,糖果。本产品以再生粘土制成。

*尺寸或与描述略有不同 *适用於微波炉。切勿放进焗炉使用。

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The plates can be used for side dishes, fruits and sweets. This product is made of recycled clay. Each plate has slightly different color and patterns. Arrange them together in different colors, your table will look more gorgeous. The back side has a soft texture that retains the characteristic of earthenware. The plate will not damage your table since its back has been sanded.

*The pattern may differ slightly from the image as each item is handmade.
*Actual products may have slight variances in size.
*It can be used in Microwave oven. Do not put it in oven.
*This product can be washed by dishwashers, but we suggest you washing it by hand.
*There may be small cracks on the surface, but this is normal and will not affect the quality.
*The color and texture will change gradually when used.

Size: Width 11.5cm, length 14.5cm, Height 2.5cm

Weight: 520g

Originated: Miyazaki, Japan


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